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Democratic Party Sites

Wayland Democratic Town Committee Facebook Page

Massachusetts Democratic State Committee:

Democratic National Committee:

Young Democrats of America:

Progressive Democrats of America:

Woman's National Democratic Club:

The Woman's National Democratic Club is a nonprofit membership organization that was founded in 1922 as an educational, political, and social club where Democrats can meet, discuss, and act on important issues of the day. Our membership roster includes a distinguished group of women and men with leadership experience in government, Democratic Party activities and professional organizations. WNDC provides a forum for local, national, and international speakers through its twice-weekly schedule of speaker programs, panel discussions, special events, task forces, and seminars available to our members. Prominent speakers have included: Madeleine Albright, Rosalynn Carter, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Tom Daschle, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Jim Jeffords, Kate Michelman, Nancy Pelosi, and Eleanor Smeal. The Club is located in an elegant historic mansion built between 1892 and 1894 as a private residence in Washington D.C. The house was purchased by WNDC in 1927, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Wayland Sites

Wayland Patch An online Wayland Newspaper

Wayland eNews An online Wayland Newspaper

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Democratic Candidate’s Sites

2018 Elections

United States Senate

Elizabeth Warren is up for re-election:


Bob Massie:

Setti Warren:

Jay Gonzales:

Lieutenant Governor

Quentin Palfrey:

Jimmy Tingle:

Attorney General

Maura Healey:

Secretary of State

William Galvin:

Josh Zakim:

U.S. Congress

Katherine Clark is up for re-election:

Governor’s Council

Robert Jubinville has been a superb Governor’s Councillor and is running for re-election:

State Senator

Kris Aleksov:

Jackie Katz:

Becca Rausch:

State Representative:

Carmine Gentile:

Middlesex County District Attorney

Donna Patalano

Marian Ryan:

Sites maintained by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Citizen Information Service:

This site has a lot of useful information, including maps of the Congressional districts.

Official Election results from the Secretary of State:

Office of Campaign and Political Finance:

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Sites with Legislator's Voting Records

Project Vote Smart: this is a national site that provides information on the records and positions of Congressmen, Senator, legislators, and other candidates across the country.

The easiest way to find someone is to type in their last name and do a search. For Massachusetts legislators, detailed voting information is not there, but the most interesting information is found by clicking on "Special Interest Groups" Here you will find how various groups rated the legislator, including links to each group's web site (if they have one).

Unfortunately, some groups provide numeric ratings but do not post the detailed voting information used to determine that rating (these groups include CPPAX, Mass. ACLU - national ACLU provides detail on Congressmen and Senators, Mass. AFL/CIO, Mass. Teachers Association, and Mass. Now - you can probably get information by emailing or writing these groups; their addresses are linked to in the Vote-Smart "Special Interest Groups" pages).

The abortion rights groups simply label each candidate as "pro choice" or "anti choice" with no information on how that conclusion is reached.

Mass Scorecard: publicizes the voting records of all Massachusetts legislators in comparison to the Democratic Party platform. Unforunately this site appears not to have been updated sinc 2005!

MassINC has a site describes itself as a FREE online tool that gives citizens basic background information on Massachusetts politics and policy news stories.

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Other Massachusetts Sites

Progressive Massachusetts: A new, statewide, diverse grassroots organization built from the ground up by organizers and activists from across Massachusetts, to support progressive values.

MassPirg: Bills themselves as “Standing up to Powerful Interests”

Blue Mass Group Excellent Blog for Massachusetts Democrats. National issues are also discussed.

Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts Another outstanding liberal group.

Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts is a group of concerned citizens organized to promote social justice, political reform, and progressive values throughout the Commonwealth. We are deeply concerned that people have become disconnected from the democratic process and that many of the progressive ideals upon which the Democratic Party was founded have been forgotten. We aim to work within the Democratic Party through direct issue advocacy, promotion of responsible government, and the support and recruitment of progressive candidates for elected office. The organization is open to anyone who shares our vision of a better Massachusetts and welcomes people of all ethnicities, races, and sexual orientations.

Criminal Justice Policy Coalition — This Massachusetts organization seeks a more enlightened approach to problems of crime and violence. This site reportedly lists every bill filed in the legislature that is related to criminal justice issues.

Massachusetts Committee Against the Death Penalty — The oldest active anti-death penalty organization in the United States. This site now appears to have transformed itself into an excellent criminal justice site.

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Alternate News Sites

With the increasing domination of our media by corporate interests, it is important that we explore other means to supplement the often one-sided news coverage they provide. These sites present an alternate point of view. - An excellent news magazine, updated daily. Tends to be liberal, but also presents other points of view. Often includes stories that do not make it into mainstream media.

AlterNet - An excellent alternate news site, and a leader in the effort to expose Fox "News" as the propaganda outlet that it is.

BuzzFlash - a news site that bills itself as the "anti-Drudge Report." Quite open in their bias (e.g., "Cheney crawls out of his cave to promise eternal war."), but often quite interesting.

Raw Story — An excellent source of news that does not always make it into the headlines.

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Electronic NewsLetters

There are a number of e-mail newsletters that publicize area Democratic events. Here are three that include a lot of information about state events.


Democratic State Committee member Kate Donaghue publishes a more or less weekly e-mail newsletter with information on Democratic events, primarily in the MetroWest and Central Mass area. It also includes information on events of state wide interest and activities of the Democratic Party, including DSC meetings. To subscribe, send an e-mail to


DSC member Arthur Powell publishes an e-mail newsletter publicizing Democratic events on the North Shore. To subscribe, send an e-mail to


GLAD sends out meeting notices, agendas, events and forum notices as well as alerts regarding Democratic issues and happenings of interest to Democrats in the GLAD communities of Bedford, Billerica, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Dracut, Groton, Lowell, Pepperell, Tewksbury, Tyngsboro and Westford. The list is open to all Democrats. To subscribe, send an e-mall to


Provides detailed information about the meetings of Wayland town boards (Selectmen, School Committee, etc.). To subscribe, send an e-mall to

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Other Sites - " The number refers to the total number of electoral votes in a Presidential election. This site provides often very insightful observations and information about the political process. - "Electoral Vote Predictor" This site dates back to at least the 2004 election, in which it tracked electoral votes for Kerry and Bush. In 2008, it did the same. Now it is tracking electoral trends for the 2018 Senate races but may extend to House and Governorships.

Federal Election Commission: - this organization was started as a response to the partisan Republican attempt to impeach Bill Clinton, and has become one of the most active and effective in opposing the Bush policies, especially the unilateralist approach to foreign policy that threatens to undermine the rule of law.

Democratic Talk Radio - This site looks good, but I have not had a chance to check it out in detail.

Reform Sex Offender Laws Our current system of Sex Offender Laws are a national disgrace. These laws constitute a growing threat to our legal system, to the rights of all of us, to the quality of life of children, and to common sense. This threat has been fanned by prosecutors, nurtured by the media, and ignored by those who usually speak out against such dangers.

In our approach to sex offenses, slander, hysteria and demonization often replace reason, solid research and proportionality: an all-out assault on fairness, and on our critical ability to confront the deepening social paranoia of 21st century America.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition — (Cops say Legalize Drugs) As Nicholas Kristof said in a recent column, “This year marks the 40th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s start of the war on drugs, and it now appears that drugs have won.” This site supports legalization and regulation of drugs, as an alternative to the failed drug war, which has empowered terrorists and drug lords, filled our prisons with drug offenders, and done little or nothing to help addicts.

Move to Amend — dedicated to amending the U.S. Constitution to undo the ill effects of the Citizens United decision. Promotes an amendment that states that corporations are not people and the money is not speech.

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