Events in 2008 and earlier

September 7 — Dudley Pond Race

We had a great turnout at the Dudley Pond Walk/Run for Team Tom Conroy and for Sara Orozco. We had at least 23 people wearing re-elect Tom Conroy T-shirts, plus at least 8 more people with Sara's t-shirts. We were by far the largest group there and more than 2 or 3 times the size of Sue Pope's group. Scott Brown ran in the race, but no supporters were in evidence. Great fun was had by all, whether walkers or runners. Plus, as an added treat, two of our runners won trophies for placing in the top three in their age groups: Debra Weisenstein and Dennis Berry. I didn't catch Debra's place but I know that Dennis took first place in the 60 and over category. Congrats to these two and to everyone who participated, whether to race or to just enjoy the day in support of our great candidates and the effort to preserve Dudley Pond.

Click here for photos of the event.

July 19 — Annual Picnic

This event was great fun for everyone. We were fortunate to have both Tom Conroy and Sara Orozco in attendance and each brought their families. Also attending were guests from Waltham, Sudbury (including Sudbury DTC chair Beverley Guild), our good friend Parwez Wahid from the Framingham DTC, and organizer extraordinaire Kate Donaghue. Also, in addition to our usual fare of good people, food and conversation, our own Matt “McCartney” Shear established a new tradition by leading a robust sing-along with his “electric” guitar and entertainment.

State Representative Tom Conroy

State Representative Tom Conroy

Sara Orozco

Sara Orozco, candidate for State Senate

Beverly Guild

Beverly Guild, Chair of Sudbury Democratic Town Committee

Dennis Berry

Dennis Berry

Rodney Hager speaking to Tom Conroy

Rodney Hager speaking to Tom Conroy

Michael Gilbreath

Michael Gilbreath

Jon Saxton

Jon Saxton (chairperson, WDTC) and Joanne Berry

Debra Weisenstein

Debra Weisenstein

June 26, 2008 General Meeting

Present: Russ Ashton, Michael Bate, Sandy Coy, Sylvia Dickens, Lois Doerr, Michael Gilbreath, Rodney Hager, Susan Hager, Jon Saxton, and Matt Shear

Civics Bee

At our previous meeting, we agreed that we are concerned about the lack of civics education in public schools and general lack of knowledge and interest in the general population. It is a major responsibility of our public school system to teach -- and for all of us to know -- the duties and responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy. Sandy’s January ‘08 Wayland Civics Challenge quiz demonstrated that many of us cannot answer the questions asked of immigrants seeking U.S. Citizenship. Sandy Coy has proposed a competition where multigenerational teams would compete for points.

Sandy agreed to work with a nonpartisan committee set up under the auspices of the League of Women Voters to arrange an event — target date Spring 2009. This committee will involve Republicans (to be recruited by Sue Pope) as well as Democrats, including Tom Conroy and independents. Jon Saxton suggested that the competition could involve the three towns in Tom Conroy's district: Lincoln, Sudbury, and Wayland (Sudbury Dems have already expressed interest in participating).

The League of Women Voters has tasked members Sandy Coy and Sema Faigen to take the lead on this project. It was moved and unanimously accepted that Sandy serve as chair of a WDTC Civics Bee subcommittee and act as liaison to the LWV. So far, WDTC members who are interested in participating in the event planning and preparation include Joan Blair, Sylvia Dickens, and Susan Hager.

Universal Health Care

Michael Gilbreath introduced a letter written by the Sudbury Town Committee, requesting that Niki Tsongas support HR 676, calling for single payer health care. This bill is very similar to one being introduced in the Senate by Senator Kennedy.

This prompted a lively discussion of the pros and cons of single payer health care. All agreed that our ultimate goal is universal health care; but these concerns about a government single payer approach were discussed:

Sandy Coy spoke of a 20 minute film about HR 676 available from the California Nurses Association that we may want to see. Michael Gilbreath recommended a film comparing health care approaches which he saw on PBS.

Jon Saxton proposed that we send a letter to Niki Tsongas and Ed Markey (our two Congresspeople) asking that they champion Universal Health care. Michael Gilbreath will draft this letter.

Jon was at a conference recently where it was proposed that we have a federal agency similar to the Federal Reserve for financial markets that will set basic standards, including a standard health care form and also a standard insurance contract. Our administrative costs are extremely high, partly due to the proliferation of different forms and contracts.

Jon proposed that WDTC could become knowledgeable on this topic and be a resource for our Representatives.

Michael Gilbreath introduced a petition supporting legislation that would establish health care as a human right regardless of age, state of health or employment status by creating a comprehensive cost effective, publicly provided single payer health insurance system. This petition also opposes any law penalizing the uninsured for not obtaining health insurance.

Other Items

May 29, 2008 General Meeting

We had an excellent meeting, with over 20 people in attendance, at the Great Room at Traditions.

The meeting began with both Sara Orozco and Tom Conroy describing their campaigns.

Sara talked about her background and motivations in her challenge to Scott Brown for the State Senate seat and Tom talked about his work in the House on several initiatives and then about how his campaign for re-election is shaping-up. Sara has just hired a campaign manager and has a temporary office in Millis. Tom is especially anxious to find office space soon. Both candidates will be needing our strong support, including with volunteer duties and fundraising.

We also had a lively discussion of Ed O'Reilly's race and the pros and cons of supporting his bid to get on the primary ballot. Clearly there is widespread dismay with Kerry's seeming to have checked-out a bit as one of our Senators. Few could think of any accomplishments he has had recently and many are dismayed that he has not even signed on to Kennedy's health care bill. Nevertheless, most felt he was going to win the nomination. The big issue was whether a spirited primary might get him to engage more and remind him that he needs to be proactive on important issues.

With these discussions of candidates, there was little time remaining to discuss a couple of issue/activity ideas that have been raised. Nevertheless, we had brief summaries of two of these.

Sandy Coy reiterated her desire to engage high school students with a civics bee and raised the idea of having the WDTC create a book prize at the high school. Michael Gilbreath raised the proposal that our DTC should send a letter to both Congress people representing Wayland, Tsongas and Markey, asking them to support HR 676, the single payer bill.

It was agreed that we would take these two issues up at our next meeting.

April 5, 2008 Caucus to select National Convention delegates

Russ Ashton was elected as a delegate pledged to Barack Obama!

He will be the only Democratic delegate elected from Wayland.

February 2, 2008 Caucus to select delegates

The caucus, held at the Senior Center in the Town Building was very well attended and successful. We had 25 caucus participants and a number of guests and observers. Out of the caucus we selected the following full complement of delegates and alternates to attend the June 7th Democratic State Convention in Lowell:

Delegates (9):

Alternates (2):

We are also very pleased to have Tsoleen Sarian apply from Wayland as a Youth Add-On Delegate.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who ran for delegate and alternate and who attended the caucus. We have a terrific delegation to send to the convention.

November 28, 2007 Reception for Tom Conroy

At the home of Martha and Bob Gordon

This was a successful fundraiser. Tom reported on his work at the state legislature.

Progressive Democratic legislators like Tom require the resources and backing to run hard against and defeat any potential candidate the Republicans put up! This is an unfortunate fact of life.

October 16th, 2007: Special Congressional Election

Niki Tsongas was elected to fill the seat formerly held by Martin Meehan, whos resigned from Congress to become Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

WDTC General Meeting

Tuesday, September 18, 7:30PM, Wayland Town Building

We had a very good general meeting, with over twenty people in attendance. We reviewed the 5th Congressional race and got commitments from many to pitch-in to help ensure we send Niki Tsongas to Congress. There are many opportunities to volunteer and be a significant part of this effort.

We also had an in-depth report from Tom Conroy on key issues at the State House and involving Wayland and the rest of the district. Obviously, the casino gambling issue is now looming very large. So much so, in fact, that there is much concern that Tom is hearing and feels himself, that this one issue could monopolize a great deal of the energy and focus of the legislature for some time to come. Nevertheless, Tom has been hard at work on a number of issues having to do with finance and money flowing back to our district, transportation, the environment and others. If you are not already doing so, you should be reading his periodic updates in the Wayland Town Crier, where he describes much of his work in great detail. A recent column can be found here

Tom is doing a great job and was roundly applauded for his efforts. Stay tuned for the announcement of a fundraiser for Tom in the near future.

There was also discussion of membership in the WDTC and of the process to become a member. This involves agreeing to be a candidate by signing our nominating petition. Please be sure to contact Jon Saxton if you want to be a member but haven't yet signed the nominating papers. We will make arrangements to enable you to sign-up. We must submit our nominations to the Wayland Clerk in early November. Members will be formally elected on Presidential primary election day in Massachusetts, which is Tuesday, March 4, 2008. Of course only registered Democrats (registered by August 21 of this year) or newly registered Democratic voters are eligible to be nominated.

We also talked briefly about expanding the role on our committee in civic engagement in the town, with discussion of the possibility of things like sponsoring toy drives during the holidays, working with the high school on a civic curriculum and other possibilities. We will have another general meeting soon where we can pursue these ideas more fully.

In the meantime, We hope all of you will become engaged in some way in the efforts to elect Niki Tsongas. The Republicans are pouring money and people resources into this race, hoping to capitalize on Ogonowski’s ties to his brother who was a pilot who died on 9/11. A recent poll in this relatively conservative district has Tsongas with a 10 point lead. This race can’t be taken for granted. Wayland and other smaller towns in this district were major contributors of votes in Tsongas’s primary win and must be even bigger contributors in the general election. Please let me know if you are willing to help in some way and we will find a way to accommodate you!

FYI, Tsongas and Ogonowski will have three debates before the election on October 16th. The will debate on NECN on September 25th. The debate will be pre-taped and will air at 7:00 p.m. On September 27, they will participate in a debate hosted by the League of Women Voters. The League is in the process of determining details of this debate. And, on October 9, the candidates will participate in a debate co-hosted by UMass Lowell and the Lowell Sun.

Saturday, July 21: Annual Wayland Democratic Town Committee Picnic

Over 60 people attended, including 5th Congressional District candidates Eileen Donoghue, Jamie Eldridge, Barry Finegold and Niki Tsongas. Also attending was Ed O’Reilly, who is running for United States Senate against John Kerry. We heard from all of the candidates and then from our own Rep. Tom Conroy.

Other special guests included fellow DTC’ers from Sudbury and Natick as well as the ubiquitous and indispensable Kate Donaghue! Several global issues were thoroughly discussed and resolved and that a good time was had by all.

Thanks to all who supported this effort.

Ed O'Reilly and Jon Saxton

Ed O'Reilly, candidate for United States Senate, and Jon Saxton

State Representative Tom Conroy

Our State Representative, Tom Conroy

Saturday, May 19: Democratic State Issues Convention

Michael Bate took photos of many of the delegates and volunteers at this convention. His photos may be found here.

Saturday, February 3: Caucus and General Meeting

Six people were elected to represent Wayland at the Democratic State Convention that will be held on May 19, in Amherst. At a caucus at the Wayland Town Building, Democrats gathered to elect delegates to the Convention, which is held annually. At the Convention in May, Democrats will gather to develop a new Action Agenda outlining grassroots, party building initiatives to prepare for the Presidential election in 2008.

Delegates elected to represent Wayland at the Convention include Irene Chang, Susan Hager, Joan Blair, Sandy Coy, Rodney Hager, and Michael Bate. Also elected, as an alternate, was: Ann Cook-Frantz.

As the chair of the committee, Jon Saxton will attend as an ex-officio delegate, as will both Cathaleen and Russell Ashton, who are members of the Democratic State Committee. Wayland's new State Representative, Tom Conroy, will also serve as an ex-officio delegate.

“We had a strong turnout for the caucus and the meeting,” commented Wayland Committee Chair, Jon Saxton. “There is a lot of enthusiasm given the success we had electing Tom Conroy, locally, and in helping to put Deval Patrick and Tim Murray in the State House”, added Mr. Saxton. Mr. Saxton also mentioned that Democrats who might be interested in attending the convention, but were not elected, can take part as either volunteers or visitors. Some people may be eligible to apply to attend as “add-on” Delegates in the following categories: youth (35 and under) minority, and disabled.

At the meeting of the Wayland Democratic Committee, which followed the caucus, programmatic priorities were set and both Rodney and Susan Hager were elected as Members.

This year’s Action Agenda Convention will be held on Saturday, May 19 at the Mullin Center, UMASS Amherst. All Massachusetts Democrats chosen at their caucuses, will gather to develop a new Action Agenda outlining grassroots, party building initiatives to prepare us for the Presidential election in 2008. This year’s Action Agenda will incorporate strategies that led to our overwhelming victory in the gubernatorial election, and provide recommendations for attracting more people to the Democratic Party.

Thursday, January 18: Reception for Tom Conroy

We had a terrific turnout of over 70 people who enjoyed a very happy and festive celebration of Tom's victory and of the prospects for renewal in the Commonwealth -- especially with the new Patrick Administration moving quickly to assert Democratic values and civic engagement.

We heard from Tom Conroy about his preparations for assuming his new office, and of the many meetings he has already held in the district and with colleagues and leadership on Beacon Hill, as well as many bills and issues that he is considering and getting involved with.

With friends from Lincoln and Sudbury as well as from Wayland, there was much excited conversation about the new opportunities to be engaged and to make a difference.

Thanks to the generosity of those in attendance and many who couldn’t be there, important contributions flowed in to help retire Tom’s campaign debt and begin building a financial basis for the next election cycle in 2008. Many thanks go to Rodney and Susan Hager for hosting this great event -- the first time in over 40 years that Wayland residents have been able to welcome and celebrate a Democrat winning the State Representative seat for our town!

Tuesday, November 7: General Election!!

Tom Conroy is our new Democratic State Representative!

Wayland voted overwhelmingly for Deval Patrick!

Great news from across the country: The Senate and House of Representatives are now in Democratic hands!

Wednesday, October 18: Sudbury LWV Candidates Debate

7:00 pm, Goodnow Sudbury Library

State Rep and State Senate candidates debated.

Our Democratic candidate, Thomas Conroy, debated the Republican incumbent, Susan Pope.

Other candidates included Susan Fargo and Pamela Resor.

Sunday, October 15: Deval Patrick Rally in Boston

Click here for photos from the rally.

Sunday, October 8: Fundraiser for Tom Conroy, with Scott Harshbarger

Thursday, September 21: General Meeting

7:30PM, Senior Center, Wayland Town Building.

In this meeting, we laid out plans for the election on November 7, a date which is fast approaching.

Starting the weekend of September 23/24, and continuing through November 7, we will be conducting visibility in Town Center, at the Town Dump and in other key areas where possible.

We will also be conducting door to door canvassing and phone banking. All of this will be coordinated with our local Tom Conroy campaign as well as with the Patrick/Murray and other statewide campaigns.

In addition we would like to place ads in the Town Crier in support of our slate of candidates and so fundraising will also be a vital part of our efforts. Please send whatever contribution you are able (an individual can give up to $5000 per year to state and local party entities in addition to whatever you donate to candidates) to WDTC, P.O. Box 194, Wayland MA. Our committee, in turn can spend whatever we can raise in indirect support of our candidates (ads, etc.) and make up to $1000 in direct contributions to campaigns. Financial contributions are critical to victory in November, so please send a contribution today!

Throughout this campaign, we will be coordinating with Patrick/Murray, Tom Conroy, and with Mass Victory ’06.

June 17, Noon to 5PM: Wayland Democratic Town Committee Picnic

A good time was had by all. Tom Conroy announced his candidacy for State Representative. Michael Sullivan, Democratic candidate for Middlesex Clerk of Court, was accompanied by his uncle, Edward Sullivan, the retiring Clerk, who has held the position for 48 years (for 10 years prior to that, he was a Cambridge City Councillor).

Tom Conroy

Tom Conroy, our candidate for State Representative

Michael Sullivan and Parwez Wahid

Michael Sullivan, candidate for Middlesex County Clerk of Courts, and Parwez Wahid, newly elected chair of the Framingham Democratic Town Committee

Michael Sullivan and Parwez Wahid

Edward Sullivan, retiring Clerk of Courts, who has held the office for 48 years. With him are Susan and Rodney Hager (Tom Conroy in the background)

April 23, 3-5PM: Deval Patrick Fundraiser

On April 23, we were fortunate to hear Deval speak in Wayland at the home of Susan and Rodney Hager. Deval covered a range of topics, including his position on the Cape Wind project, how a Democrat Governor can provide an effective check to a Democrat-controlled Legislature. He also outlined his goal of providing an honest local aid/C70 school assistance plan to cities & towns. This contrasts with some opponents who have proposed increased spending and reducing taxes without fully explaining how to balance the books absent drastic cuts to other services.

Deval Patrick is no ordinary leader, and this is no ordinary campaign! Committed Patrick delegates swept the Wayland Town Democratic caucus on February 4th.

April 6, 7:30PM: General Meeting

There was be a general meeting of the Wayland Democratic Town Committee on Thursday, April 6 in the Senior Center Common room at Town Building, 7:30 pm.

We re-elected our current officers for two year terms. The next election of officers will take place after the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary, where our Town Committee will be on the ballot.

There was a lively discussion of the 2006 races, especially our local candidate, Tom Conroy, who is running for State Representative.

Saturday, February 4: Wayland Caucus

The caucus to elect delegates to the State Party nominating Convention, June 2 and 3, 2006, was held at the Wayland Senior Center in the Wayland Town Building

Wayland is allotted 9 delegates (including our chairman, Jon Saxton, who is an ex-officio delegate) and 2 alternates.

The following Delegates were elected. As required by the state Democratic Party, there are equal numbers of men and women:

Two Alternates were elected:

All the elected Delegates and Alternates support Deval Patrick for Governor. Our delegation includes both candidates who ran for State Representative in the last election, as well as our prospective candidate for State Representative in the 2006 election. The delegation also includes stalwarts who have worked hard over the years for the Democratic Party and the Wayland Democratic Town Committee.

Following the caucus, our chairman, Jon Saxton, issued the following statement to the press:

It was gratifying to see almost 50 democrats turn out for today’s caucus to elect Wayland’s delegation to the Democratic convention in June. We heard good things from Wayland resident, Tom Conroy, who was elected one of our delegates and who will be challenging Republican Susan Pope for our state representative seat. And there was strong support for Gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick, who is seen as someone who would bring back to the Governor’s Office the competence, commitment, and sense of pride in this great state that four successive Republican governors have utterly failed to provide.

September 25: Forum on Social Security

With Barney Frank, James Roosevelt, Jr., and Andrew Eschtruth.

This event was sponsored by the Weston Democratic Town Committee. We were cosponsors.

May 14 - State Issues Convention

For some photos of the convention, click here. (unfortunately these photos do not include any of the several Wayland delegates).

Saturday, January 29 - Wayland Caucus

Registered Democrats in Wayland held a caucus and elected 9 delegates to the 2005 Massachusetts Democratic Convention:

Our chair, Jon Saxton, will be an ex-officio delegate.

The Convention will be held on Saturday, May 14, at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell. This will be an issues/platform convention (not a nominating convention).

The caucus was open to all registered Democrats in Wayland.

A General Meeting for WDTC members followed the caucus. Members discussed plans for the upcoming 2006 state elections, and focused on how to deliver our message of true American values in the face of ongoing Republican distortions.

Tuesday, November 2 - Election Day

Election Day Visibility

On both the national and the local (to Wayland) level, this was a sad day for Democrats and for people of good will.

But elsewhere in Massachusetts, election results were encouraging. Governor Romney's attempt to elect more Republicans to the state legislature totally failed. Instead, Republicans actually lost seats. The move to add discrimination to our state Constitution was dealt a setback, as gay bashing legislators were defeated and the voices of tolerance gained seats.

The Republican campaigns, with few exceptions (one was Sue Pope) appealed to bigotry and ignorance, just like the Bush/Cheney/Rove national campaign. Here in Wayland, signs for Scott Brown stated that our Democratic candidate, Angus McQuilken, supported “Homo Sex Education” (whatever that is) in public schools.

Sunday, October 17 - Fundraiser for John Thomas

With Congressman Barney Frank

At the home of Lorraine and Paul Greiff.

Thursday, September 2 - Candidates' Forum

Hearing Room, Wayland Town Building, 7:30PM

Our two Democratic candidates for State Representative, Stas Gayshen and John Thomas, met and debated. Both candidates were outspoken and articulate and had progressive views on the issues. Either would make a great improvement over the Republican incumbent.

March 29 - General Meeting

We re-elected our officers (see Officers and Members), planned for the future, and met candidates for State Senate and State Representatives.

Members indicated interest in our key organizational projects, from helping to build our email list and data base of town Democrats (so that we can more effectively communicate and coordinate outreach and mobilization), to helping with fundraising strategy and participating in supporting candidates in local races.

It was heartening to see so many people so determined to find a place where they can help make a difference.

Senate candidate Jerry Wasserman of Needham and still-undeclared candidate Angus McQuilken, both addressed the meeting and answered questions, providing helpful insight into their views of both the past election and the race to defeat the newly elected Scott Brown.

We also heard from our two WDTC members who are candidates for the State Representative seat held by Susan Pope.  First Stas Gayshan and then John Thomas provided us with overviews of their campaigns and their perspectives on the issues and the race.  Both announced that they have established web sites, but only Stas’ ( is still available.

The fact that we will have primaries in both the Rep and senate races means that there are many needs and opportunities for Wayland Democrats to be involved. The meeting ended with the agreement that it was important for everyone to find a way to work with one or another of these candidates so that we can build the strength and experience to wage successful campaigns in the fall.

Editorial Comment from Jon Saxton, Chair:

We are now faced with the fact that our town is represented only by Republicans at the state level. And despite the fact that 61% of Wayland voters voted for McQuilken in the Senate race, our district elected an extremely conservative republican who ran a prototypical republican "slam and slander" campaign.

It is now more urgent than it has been in our town for many, many years that we focus on promoting Democratic candidates and Democratic values. Make no mistake, our candidates and our values with be strongly opposed by slam and slander republicanism. Republicans, both locally and nationally, have shown that they mean to win, enjoy intimidation, and have no qualms about stirring-up and exploiting peoples' uncertainties and fears to do so.

This means we have to work together more -- and more systematically -- to pool our resources and give the strongest possible voice to our commitments and values. We have to offer our community (and our district) a different -- a better -- vision of our future: a future where security and prosperity are built not by fear-motivated self-interest that closes minds and doors, but by the exercise and embrace of decency and democracy that empowers individuals and communities to live and grow together.

We have much work to do.

March 2 - Presidential Primary and special State Senate election

Predictably, John Kerry carried Massachusetts.

On the State Senate campaign:

Angus McQuiken lost the state senate race by a small margin, less than 1% of the vote.  The margin of victory for Brown was in and near his home base in North Attleboro and Norfolk, both of which turned out strongly for him. Obviously this is not the result we all wanted and it is disappointing.

However, Angus ran a terrific race in a very difficult district and he ran with democratic values and with a forward looking agenda that we can all be proud of having worked hard to support.

Furthermore, we can be very gratified by the fact that the people of Wayland voted more than 60% to 40% in favor of Angus, 2154 for Angus out of a total of 3502 votes cast, which is among the strongest showings in the district.

On election night, Angus thanked all of the people who campaigned so hard for him. Due to the extreme closeness of the race, he did not officially concede until Saturday, March 6, after consulting with town clerks in the district, and deciding that a recount would not be likely to change the result.

We want to thank all of you and to offer a collective pat on the back for the great effort that our committee and others in town put forth for this campaign.  Though Democrats in this senate district may not have won this round, we are convinced that by virtue of our efforts, we are a far stronger and more capable organization than we were several months ago.  We have shown that we can make a significant difference for democratic values and candidates in our town and beyond.


February 23 - Angus McQuilken Fund Raiser and Event

Russell's Garden Center, Route 20, Wayland

WDTC held a very successful fundraiser for Angus McQuilken at Russell's on Monday night. The event was attended an enthusiastic group of about 35-40 people who heard from Rep. David Linsky of Natick and Rep. Alice Peisch of Wellesley and from Angus McQuilken himself. Also in attendance were several state committee members, and other local luminaries. I am pleased to report that, including a few last minute donations that are coming in to the campaign from people who couldn’t make it to the event, we enabled the McQuilken committee raise almost $3000.

We were told at the meeting that this money was going right into the costs of television ads that will appear through the rest of the campaign and that are critical to McQuilken's victory on Tuesday.

Thanks to everyone who came out, helped with set-up and clean-up, and with the excellent refreshments.  And thanks to all who were able to make a financial contribution. This is a pivotal event for our committee and our town.  We demonstrated that the WDTC can turn-out not only many dedicated and reliable volunteers for visibility and canvassing, but that we can also produce meaningful financial support when it matters. That's a turning-point achievement for us and we can all feel very good about that. Building on all of these capacities will be critical to our future success in promoting Democratic issues, values and candidates in Town and beyond.

January 24 - Statewide Caucuses

Caucuses were held in every town to select delegates and alternates for the 2004 Democratic State Issues Convention, to be held May 8 in Amherst. Note that some caucuses are scheduled to be held the following weekend (Jan. 31, Feb. 1)Wayland Caucus was 11AM, Senior Center, Town Building. The following delegates were selected :

January 21 - State Senate Candidate forum

7-9PM, Sherborn Community Center (1858 Town House) in Sherborn. All six Democratic Candidates attended. Phil Johnson, chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, moderated.

January 15 - General Membership Meeting

At the Wayland Town Building. Candidates for the vacant State Senate seat (vacated by Cheryl Jacques) attended, gave brief presentations, and responded to questions (two candidates sent representatives). Click here for photos from the meeting.

January 7 - Press release announces Exit Poll Results

WDTC conducted the first ever exit poll of voters participating in a town election. Click here for results , which showed strong disapproval of President Bush and his policies.

General Meeting, October 28, 2003

This meeting accomplished the following:

Sunday, June 22: Rep. Markey in Natick

U.S Representative Edward J. Markey (D-Malden, representing part of Wayland) was the featured speaker at a forum hosted by the Natick, Framingham, Wayland and Weston Democratic Town Committees, at the Morse Institute Library.

Here is a report submitted by our chair, Jon Saxton:

The meeting was very well attended, given the weather, with about 60 in attendance. Wayland was well represented by at least 7 or 8 people, including the Berrys, the Ashtons, Irene Chang and me (sorry to those I've missed). The majority of people were from Natick, but there were many from Framingham, as well as other surrounding towns.

Markey ran the meeting as one where he was trying to gather input from constituents. He posed three questions:

As you can imagine, these questions elicited a broad range of passionate responses. To me one of the most interesting observations was in response to the question about Bush. One person suggested that, if for nothing else, Bush could be admired for his success. He is achieving much of what the right has been building towards for years.

Markey picked up on this and other responses to make his major point, which is that Democrats must be unified going forward and that the Greens and other liberal/left independent and third-party voters must unite with the Democrats against Bush and the right. Dems, Greens and progressives share too much in common to let the few things we might disagree on prevent us from uniting against Bush. There is simply too much at stake.

Markey gave several examples of initiatives that the Republicans in congress were pursuing, including the gutting of Medicare and of environmental laws.

The group in attendance overwhelmingly supported Markey's view, which I share as well. We must be united and extremely active if we are going to have a chance against the huge amounts of money that Bush and the Republicans are raising for the 2004 fight -- and in the face of his ongoing “success.”

Rep. Markey represents the 7th Congressional District of Massachusetts and is the longest serving member of the current Massachusetts Congressional Delegation and the 15th most senior member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Saturday, June 7 - Democratic State Issues Convention

This Convention was held at the Paul E. Tsongas Arena in Lowell. Highlights of the convention were the keynote speech by John Kerry, who called his campaign for the Presidency a contest between common sense American values and radical right wing ideologues. He mentioned his military experience (in contrast to Bush's avoidance of service to his country) and that he has had real experience with aircraft carriers.

In the afternoon, the convention voted to maintain a "scorecard" on how well Democratic legislators adhered to the platform and principles of the Democratic party.

Wednesday, May 21 - Meeting with Cheryl Jacques

The Town Committee met with Senator Cheryl Jacques, 7:30pm at the Senior Center at the Town Building.

February 8, Caucus

We held our caucus, as required by the Democratic State Committee, to elect delegates to the
State Issues Convention to be held in Lowell on June 7. The following delegates were elected:

In addition, Russell Ashton and Jon Saxton will be ex-officio delegates by virtue of their respective offices (State Committeeman and Presidential Elector for Russ, WDTC chair for Jon).

Our State Senator, Cheryl Jacques, spoke briefly and answered questions before the caucus voting.

December 6, Election of Officers

We elected our new slate of officers.

Visibility on October 19, October 26, and November 2

October 19 was our first sign holding of the campaign. There were just a few of us out there, but there were NO Republicans!

Paul Doerr

October 26 was a rainy Saturday, but hardy souls held signs anyway. Again, no Republicans were in sight.

On November 2, we had a very large turnout, including Young Dems from the High School.

In addition, many of us held signs weekday mornings and on Election Day.

Monday, September 23 - WDTC Business Meeting

At this very important meeting we met to plan for victory in November.

Our plans for Campaign 2002 include:


August 11, 2002: Town Committee Picnic

Both our outgoing State Senator, Susan Fargo, and our incoming State Senator, Cheryl Jacques, attended and mingled with the many Democrats, from Wayland and surrounding towns, who
attended this colorful event. A good time was had by all!

Jon Saxton, Susan Fargo, and Barbara Fox

Our host and hostess, Jon Saxton and Barbara Fox, with Senator Susan Fargo

April 3, 2002: An evening with Cheryl Jacques

Cheryl Jacques

After the recent redistricting, Wayland will have a new state Senator, one who is well known throughout the Commonwealth.

This meeting was very well attended. Cheryl answered questions on a variety of topics ranging from education to the state income tax cut to state finances generally.

Cheryl Jacques

She shared with us the problems of getting legislation through. For instance, any attempt to postpone the state income tax reduction would be vetoed by Jane Swift. In the Senate, all the Republicans would vote to sustain the veto. There are not many Republicans, but when you add the Democrats that would also vote to sustain, it makes the attempt quite problematic.

Prior to her appearance WDTC had a brief business meeting - one of the best attended such
meetings in recent memory. We elected five new members, many quite young:

February 2, 2002: Wayland Caucus

Over 50 registered Democrats attended and selected nine delegates:

and six alternates:

Many new people, including newly registered Democrats, attended. This level of grass roots activity bodes well for our prospects in the November election, and for democracy in general. The new people were primarily supporters of Grossman, Reich, and Tolman.

In addition, Wayland will be sending two ex-officio delegates:

January 25, 2002: Candidates Debate and Forum

This event was sponsored by various Democratic organizations, include our Town Committee.

The candidates attending were Tom Birmingham, Bill Galvin, Steve Grossman, Shannon O'Brien, and Warren Tolman.

A spirited debate was held, with questions from the audience on clean elections.

Candidates for Governor


January 5, 2002: Candidates Debate and Forum

This event was scheduled by the West Suburban Democratic Coalition, which includes the towns of Dover, Lincoln, Natick, Sherborn, Sudbury, Wellesley, Weston, and Wayland. Chairman Jack Duffy presided and the chairs of the eight committees each asked a question of the candidates.

The candidates attending were Bill Galvin, Steve Grossman, Shannon O'Brien, and Warren Tolman. They gave informed and spirited presentations. Each demonstrated a grasp of the issues and a compassion for the common people that far exceeded that of Acting Governor Swift and her Republican predecessors.

About 300 people attended. The event was held at Mass Bay Community College in Wellesley.

Here are some photos from the reception that preceded the forum:


Warren Tolman

Warren Tolman

Shannon O'Brien with Beverly Guild and Jackie Haas

Shannon O'Brien with Beverly Guild of Sudbury and Jackie Haas of Weston

Steve Grossman with Tim Donohue of Sherborn

Steve Grossman with Tim Donohue of Sherborn

William Galvin

William Galvin

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