Accomplishments as of March 2008

Thomas P. Conroy

State Representative
Lincoln, Sudbury, Wayland

Obtaining More State Aid

State Aid to Towns

Average Annual Increase
Average Annual Increase
Lincoln $2,177 $104,010
Sudbury $183,718 $517,444
Wayland ($14,370) $348,533

Lowering Property Taxes

Preserving the Environment

Promoting Economic Development

Improving Education

Improving Local Infrastructure

Promoting Justice on Social Issues

Helping Constituents

Below is a sampling of some of the actions I have taken to help folks from Lincoln, Sudbury and Wayland with their day-to-day challenges:

Unemployment insurance:

A constituent was not receiving unemployment insurance benefits for five months because an employer appealed his application. And he was having difficulty getting updates from the Division of Unemployment Insurance as to the status of his case. My office contacted the DUI and was able to bring attention to his application. In under a week, his case was settled and he was approved to receive unemployment benefits.

Medical Insurance:

Constituent living with Dystonia was denied surgery by her health insurer to treat her condition. Tom wrote a letter to the insurer asking to reverse its denial of medical coverage. Tom also met with the insurer to advocate for her case. The surgery was ultimately approved. The constituent had the surgery and her health has significantly improved.

Child support payments:

Single, divorced mother stopped receiving child support checks even though the father was required to provide continued support. We put the mother in contact with the right people at the Department of Revenue. They discovered that it was just an administrative error and her child support benefits resumed soon thereafter.

Small business advocacy:

Blocked legislation that would have impaired a business owned by a district resident, thus helping save about 20 Massachusetts-based jobs at the firm.

Analyzing Major Issues Facing the Commonwealth

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