This letter was mailed to voters in Dover, Massachusetts:

Dover Democratic Town Committee
12 Whiting Rd.
Dover, MA 02030

Dear Dover Neighbor,

As a community, we are fortunate to have a rich collection of open land, the cleanest air in the State, a low crime rate and the opportunity to effectively participate in our town governance. We have the resources to weather the deep budget cuts that are causing suffering in many of our neighboring communities.

But do we have similar control over the national policies that are increasingly impacting our lives?

Each of the issues stated in this letter, and many others not mentioned, represents a challenge that we now face under the current national administration. If these issues resonate with your own concerns, please join a conversation with others who are also concerned about our future. We are committed to advancing our American values of fairness, conservation, cooperation, freedom and choice through a meaningful dialogue and action We would love to hear from you.

Please join with your fellow townspeople by contacting any of the following:

Dover Democratic Town Committee

Al Branson, Chairman,
Janet Lilienthal, Vice Chair
Anita Loscalzo, Secretary